Request a Title IX Training

We are here to support campus departments, academic units, and student groups and organizations not only meet their Title IX Training goals, but also provide resources and discussions about issues that matter to the UNCG campus community. You can request a training by filling out this online form.

Title IX Training and Overview

Start here if your group is new to Title IX or needs a refresher. Reporting and compliance can be intimidating, therefore, the Title IX Training and Overview session includes an introduction on the purpose and intent of Title IX, a breakdown of the UNCG Title IX policy, information on how the policy supports faculty, staff, and students, and discusses reporting responsibilities and expectations.

Supporting Pregnant and Parenting Students

This session includes a brief overview of Title IX. More specifically, this session focuses on the intersections of pregnancy and parenting with Title IX and in-depth and specific ways we can support birth-givers, parents, and folks with pregnancy-related conditions and needs.

Title IX and Bias Incidents

This session includes a brief overview of Title IX and Bias. This session provides participants with definitions of bias, hate crimes, and sex and gender-based discrimination and ways to recognize and report such incidents with the goal of supporting those impacted.

“Don’t Cancel Class”

This Title IX Workshop is designed to provide in class facilitation for all graduate and undergraduate level courses when faculty don’t want to cancel a class session, but are unable to attend. The Title IX Office will provide training, workshops and/or cover specific topics depending on the course, level, and number of students. If you’d like us to lead your class, please let us know about your class and if you know of their understanding of Title IX in the request form.

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